The difference a bag can make

Last week I had the privilege of getting two Operation Suitcase bags for a newborn and a 4 year old. I went shopping at the end of a long busy day and it was just one more task on my list.

While I was shopping for blankets, shampoo, hair ties, bottles, diapers and wipes and stuffed animals I found myself overwhelmed with emotions about this task. A task of providing necessities for children who don't have them. I shopped for these girls like I would my own kids. I was debating what blanket they would like best, pink or purple and this cute toy or that cute toy?

When I delivered the bags, the family asked me to come into their home and see the children. The joy on the 4 year olds face as she pulled out her OWN blanket, her OWN stuffed animal and her OWN hair bands and a brush. She was so excited. As I stood there thinking I could not be any happier, the foster dad asked me if I would like to hold the baby!

He placed the tiniest baby in my arms. I had so many emotions running through me. One being the excitement of holding a new baby, they smell so good! She cooed and squirmed until she found the perfect spot in my arms. Then the sadness and heartache hit me. This perfect baby girl was snuggling on me because she is not in her mothers arms.

Leaving the house, I cried. It may be a tough field to work in some days and I often hear "I don't know how you do it", but I know that my one more task makes a big difference in the lives of children.

-Julie Butler
Volunteer Coordinator

NP Casa