The difference a bag can make

Last week I had the privilege of getting two Operation Suitcase bags for a newborn and a 4 year old. I went shopping at the end of a long busy day and it was just one more task on my list.

While I was shopping for blankets, shampoo, hair ties, bottles, diapers and wipes and stuffed animals I found myself overwhelmed with emotions about this task. A task of providing necessities for children who don't have them. I shopped for these girls like I would my own kids. I was debating what blanket they would like best, pink or purple and this cute toy or that cute toy?

When I delivered the bags, the family asked me to come into their home and see the children. The joy on the 4 year olds face as she pulled out her OWN blanket, her OWN stuffed animal and her OWN hair bands and a brush. She was so excited. As I stood there thinking I could not be any happier, the foster dad asked me if I would like to hold the baby!

He placed the tiniest baby in my arms. I had so many emotions running through me. One being the excitement of holding a new baby, they smell so good! She cooed and squirmed until she found the perfect spot in my arms. Then the sadness and heartache hit me. This perfect baby girl was snuggling on me because she is not in her mothers arms.

Leaving the house, I cried. It may be a tough field to work in some days and I often hear "I don't know how you do it", but I know that my one more task makes a big difference in the lives of children.

-Julie Butler
Volunteer Coordinator

Sponsors !!!!! Thank you

Our Super Hero 5K is one of our major fundraisers of the year.  Being a non-profit means spending a lot of time asking the community for money.  We are so grateful to live in such a generous community.  The support we get help us to continue to be the voice of the child in the courtroom in our county.  Thank you


Wells Fargo Advisors

Thrivent Financial


First National Bank

Steele's Antique Depot

B&J Insurance Solutions

Kevin and Ellen Kennedy


Fitzpatrick ENT

Family, Medicine Associates

Phares Financial

Sober Living- North Platte

Alabaster Counseling



Gary's Super Foods, Lincoln County Visitors Bureau, Westfield Animal Clinic, Coldwell Bankers, Dr. Simpson, ENT, Commercial Investments, Charles Scripter, North Platte Public Schools, Family Hearing Specialists and Steele's Roofing and Construction

Super Hero 5K Heros

Thrivent Financial has been another long time supporter of Lincoln County CASA.  Thrivent Financial is committed to helping Christians to manage their money wisely all the while by living generously.  We are so very thankful that they have been so generous to us.  Pictured here are  Dave Hovden and Michelle McFarland.  

Super Hero 5K Heros

First National Bank has not only helped sponsor the Super Hero 5K the last 3 years but have helped us generously throughout the years.  We are so lucky to have our office in the beautiful bank with such wonderful kind people around us.  So today we give a great big Thank You to 1st National Bank!! Thank you for being CASA Heros!!

FullSizeRender (14).jpg

The North Platte Rec Center

The North Platte Rec Center offers so many different activities to keep active and have fun.  Their mission statement states that they want to provide the maximum leisure opportunities to improve the quality of life for citizens of all ages.  We are so fortunate to have partnered with The Platte River Fitness Series and this year becoming an alumni race. Thank you to our Heros of Health.  Pictured are Gerry Berglund and Trudy Merritt.

TLC- Heros with tender loving care

TLC or The Learning Center is North Platte's alternative high school.  Joan Davis and Lisa Barkley have been an inspiration to so many students by helping them achieve their diplomas when the mainstream public school setting was not working.  Thank you for being our Heros !!  

Happy Easter!!!

Lincoln County CASA wishes you and yours a very Happy Easter.  We hope you were able to spend the day with your friends and family.  Don't forget to come join us at our Super Hero 5K and Villain Chase this coming Saturday- April 2nd.  Register here on our website under events or give us a call at 308-520-0577  or lincolncountycasa@gmail  .  

Education- Teaching us to be Heros

We are so happy to have so many of our local school principals join us in celebrating Heros.  All of us can think of at least one teacher or someone in the school system that has helped guide and influence us to who we are today. Thank you so much for your dedication and time to teach America.

Early Childhood Development - Hero's of the youngest

Early Childhod Develpment is part of the North Platte Public School District.  They provide services from birth to five to help kids wiht play skills, speech and language, motor develpment and eyesight and hearing.  The early years are crucial in a child's life for cognitive, social, physical and emotional growth.  Early childhood Development works with the family so each child has the confidence and opporunities to thrive and grow.  Thank you so much for our Hero's of today.  Pictured are Marina Hughes and Melissa Foote

Women's Resource Center- Heros for Babies and Mommies

The Women's Resource Center provides help through counsel, referrals, education and peer counselors.  They help women as they become pregnant by empowering individuals to make informed lief choices. We want to thank the staff and volunteers for helping so many.  Pictured are Sarah Reigelsperger and Linda Logsdon.

Department of Health and Human Services- Unsung Heros

The Department of Health and Human Services help so many people from assistance in housing, utilities, food and medical issues.  Along with all of that, they strive to help families get back on their feet  from the very young to the very old.  We are so happy to get to work with these wonderful Heros and help them in any way we can.  We know that they do not hear it enough..... THANK YOU!!!

U.S. Army- America's Heros

The Hero's for today are our armed forces.  We have an Army Recruiting office and the National Guard Armory here in North Platte.  There are not enough words to say to thank those service men and women for their sacrifice and commitment to our country.  Thank you!!!

Pictured is Sergeant First Class Caleb Bright  United States Army

YFC- Heros for our Youth

Youth for Christ (YFC) has helped youth from middle school- high school- teen parents and everything in between. Campus Life  for high schoolers meet at the YFC  building (100 Bicentennial)  Monday nights at 7:00pm.   Parent Life provides support for those parenting at a young age.  They meet the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month for a meal and activity. Thank you for your dedication to the youth in our community foe over 20 years.  Pictured are Joe and Susan Sukraw.

Boys Town- Heros in the home

Boys Town has in home services consultants here in North Platte and our surrounding counties.  This is a vital service of preventive care for families.  Boys Town works with families no matter the underlying cause - economic hardship, substance abuse, marital issues, family conflicts, health challenges and other issues. The goal is to keep families together by teaching and supporting the family in the struggle of day to day life. Thank you for being a Hero to our families.  Pictured is Bruce Piercy.